Games before the Convention

In order to make you more appetite, we have planned games before the Convention. And it is not compulsory to come to Bordeaux, everyone can participate. Follow the Convention post on the forum for details.

Raffle Prizes

The raffle is a tradition, and there are always magnificent prizes to be won.

We will follow the American rules as seen in the other Conventions:
you buy tickets, you write your username on the back of each ticket, and you deposit the tickets in the urn placed in front of the prize(s) you will like to win - and good luck!

If you want to offer yourself a prize, or if you have something to offer to complete another prize but do not know how to do it, contact us!

Dont forget to bring some small change for the tickets!

Bookswap Game

The bookswap game will take place during Friday evening.

This game is always a great success during the Conventions, to get to know other Bookcrossers, to have fun, to laugh - and to leave with a new reading!

To participate, it's simple: come with your favorite book, carefully packed (there is a price for the best packaging). The book must be registered and have a BCID.

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