NSS - Not So Secret

We will also organize a NSS-Not so Secret-it has always been a tradition. It is a pleasure to offer gifts-but also to receive!

To participate it's simple:

- Sign up with your BC-nickname only by PM to bc2018bdx

- Note in the PM your preferences, what you like, what you hate (to avoid surprises)
I like:
I do not like:

- Update your wish list on the BC site

- Prepare your package for your NSS-partner. There must be at least one book with BCID and at least one other gift. You make according to your possibilities and your means

- Put your gift on the table provided during the Convention.

With the BCID, your partner will discover your identity

Registration deadline: 10 March 2018
Between 10 and 15 March 2018, you will receive your partner's nickname, and his/her preferences. It gives you time to prepare your parcel, and make some nice gift package

And finally, you will discover on the NSS-table the package left for you

3 commentaires:

  1. Nickname: Azuki
    I like: tea, dark chocolate, cookies, I am adventurous and enjoy trying new and different things around the world - just nothing like bug lollipop or yucky stuff. Book-wise, I enjoy Asian lit, travelog, memoirs, books about food.
    I do not like: mint, licorice, cinnamon. I also don't usually read romance or thrillers/mysteries.

  2. Please add me as well (Boekentrol). I've sent a PM through the site. If it didn't get through, I'll resend it.

  3. I could not find a member called bc2018bdx at BookCrossing.com to send a PM, so will you please add Jannike to the NSS.
    Nickname: Jannike
    I like: All kinds of good stories, also including good thrillers and fantacy.
    I like handmade things, quality paper, pencils and pens, beautiful postcards and washi-tape.
    I do not like gelatin and artificial coloring in sweets.